Monday, March 29, 2010

stuff and nonsense

I'm always at a loss for why there are such strange contradictions in life:
on the Rice Milk container, there is a recipe for a polenta dish. It calls for cheese and butter. Hmmm..why would someone avoiding dairy use either of those ingredients? The same thing with Bob's Reds Mill. Its like giving me a high-five, grabbing my five, and using my own hand to punch me in the face. Fixing my hair and walking out into the rain. I really needed that, thanks.

Lately I've felt increasingly stupid: I spend a copious amount of time on the subject of food research and implementation (by necessity, mostly). However, I have a desire for much more crucial subjects (and even non-crucial, like rock n' roll- the cruciality point here is open to debate), but lack the time with which to devote. I feel stupid for not understanding the conversation, and what's more, I feel doubly stupid because the knowledge I have benefits few. I can't share what I know because no one wants to hear it. Vegans are basically mis-fits, alternatives, weirdos. I end up being the apologetic one, even though everyone wants to be counter-culture, anyway. How's that for irony?

On a lighter note, I've made some delicious progress lately. On a sad note, some deliveries did not happen on acct of the asshole USPO. So, I make again. Oh well. I've got all the time in the world; stupid is and stupid does (again).

Successes: (everything's vegan)

Brownies, not gluten free. UNBELIEVABLE. This is the recipe from Spiral Diner that I had about a year ago and finally got my hands on. Make sure whoever you serve these to deserves them. I used super expensive cocoa (Valhrona)- not a mistake (its never a mistake to use expensive ingredients).
Peanut Butter Softies, not gluten free. ALSO YUM. Old fashioned fork imprints and everything. Its just a shame that those who will receive these goodies won't get em straight outta the oven like I do. I hope at least they're decent, 2 days later. (Vegan Cookies Invade..Recipe)
Crunchy Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies- Crunchy and dipable. Great flavor. (Spiral Recipe)
GF Blueberry Muffs- (Enjoy Life Recipe) Heavenly.

Lemony Couscous- wowza. Stuffed with homecooked garbanzos, toasted almonds, fresh lemon juice, sun-dried toms, black olives. Why eat fried?
Roasted Garlic Hummus- Veganomicon style. Lots of roasted garlic added for pretty eyelash growth (mine fell out on the left eye... i'm hoping garlic will regrow it. this is not backed up by documentation).
Cereal and Milk- a good idea corroborated x 1/day at least.
Taco Salad- Fantastic Foods Taco Salad mixed with kidney beans, atop lettuce, chips, toms, olives, avocado...seriously, people? It doesn't get any easier than chopped things put together.

I have a dream: One day, I won't have to bust my ass for someone else. At least, not on someone else's clock. I'll bust my ass for someone else, but I'd rather not contribute to their wallet. I'd rather contribute to people who can't digest food and to those with similar convictions. This is what I'll get up at 3am to do. Because it just makes more sense to use applesauce as an ingredient rather than eggs. The end result= delicious, so geez, laissez tomber the damn querty keyboard already. Start working smarter. This is your life we're talking about. Don't take it for granted.


  1. Peanut butter cookies?! Damnit! Why did I think moving to Manchester was a good idea?

    The offer to open a cafe is still on the table...

  2. I'm really a turd when things don't go my way. I should probably rewrite this entry so non-vegans don't think all us vegans have mood disorders.

  3. Yeah, you should be here. These are definite competition with the PBkisses. In fact, if I had had some kisses, I woulda added them pour toi!