Sunday, November 22, 2009

More Deliciousness

Alright, so, the people at work think I'm crazy for the things I'll put in my mouth. The people I speak of are on a diet of strictly Mexican food or strictly Southern food. They're used to things laden with fat...fat tastes good. So, whenever I make something that they seem interested in, its an accomplishment in itself. I think I'm changing their minds about "health" food.

This week I made a hot-damn-delicious tofu leek quiche (which, even to me sounds horrible). Au contraire. One of the Mexican ladies who works in the back tried it and wants me to bring her two on Monday (this was all communicated using gestures since we don't speak a lick of each other's languages....which is also why she doesn't know the ingredients). But yeah, its that good.

Other winners this week? Portobello mushroom-lentil soup, oatmeal-raisin cookies (using oat flour, not oatmeal), Exotic Squash soup, Upside-Down Rum Pear Tarte...

I had quite a few orders with Etsy, so I didn't have a ton of time to cook. But, when I did, it was really nice. I know I'm probably the farthest from being a poster-child for vegetarianism- since my digestion is not ideal, in spite of the fact that I eat extremely healthy- but hopefully at some point that will turn around and this habit will provide me longevity. If it doesn't, if I still attrap a rare form of cancer or get killed in a car accident, at least I did the best I could.

It may seem that I care too much about finding recipes that taste good and correspond with my diet. Its somewhat true- there is a pleasure I associate with making good food-but I'm mostly a SLOW food advocate. I've fallen in love with good-for-me food like the french, for whom "indulging" in an artichoke heart is not seen as crazy. I'm tired of pumping shit into my system. And it certainly is a worthwhile pursuit to be aware of the food industry and all its subterfuges.

On the other hand, I realize food is ultimately inconsequential to my happiness. I care more about people, and dancing. I await the day I can think more about that than all this..... but maybe thats just the exchange you take for making good food choices. And anyway, it'll get easier....after a bit more time.

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