Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nutcracker Cake

For my niece's debut on the stage, I made her a cake modeled as my impression of the Land of the Sweets, from the Nutcracker Ballet.

She loved it!

It was 4 layers: 2 homemade Strawberry and 2 Duncan Hines French Vanilla, with homemade icing and rolled fondant on top (kind of like a tutu). I think I could have added some cotton candy to really make it look like a tutu, but ca suffit. I liked the way it came out.

Part of my concern was that I knew Madeleine was worried about being on stage. Of course stage fright is terrifying (aptly-named), so I wanted her to know I was very proud of her facing her fears. This cake was over the top because she deserved it!


  1. I was thinking about this cake today, remembering seeing it the other day when you sent me the link to your blog. It def left an impression.

  2. can we open a bakery already? seriously! also, will you give me some cake decorating instructions? haha! i've got an decorating kit that i obviously need to be using more...